Alex Berdis is a designer specializing in typography, branding, print, and web.

Legend has it that Alex Berdis, on a dewy morning in late June, strolled out of the timid waters of Lake Erie’s south shore, holding hands with his fraternal twin brother. As they wandered up the drive of a private golf course, they climbed to the very tops of trees in 2 or 3 steps, and spoke to birds about their plans for the day. They balanced stray golf balls on top of each other 10 at a time before stumbling upon the fascinating home of Edward and Susanne McDanniels. Ed owned McDanniels Machinery Co., and Sue was a retired art teacher and president of the local flower club. Together they taught Alex, and his brother Eric, the wonders of creativity, and the rewards of days work. Alex eventually combined his love for the magic of art, and the rationality of design, by attending Edinboro University for Graphic Design. After college he moved to Pittsburgh to become a professional designer, and live with the love of his life, Angela.